Why to opt for a Portable Manual Satellite Antenna

Portable Satellite AntennaThere are many Satellite Antennas in the market but it’s hard to find out which one is the best option. What happens is that most manual antennas are hard to set up and don’t get much of a signal from the satellites.

To get an idea about what you have to look for read this article that will explain everything you need to look for when buying a new portable satellite antenna.

The most important points are utility, weight, size, ease of use, manual vs automatic and signal.

  • Utility

Many people have spent loads of money in satellite antennas for nothing because every time they move they have a lot of work getting the satellite signal again. When you buy something portable you want it to work on the go. Make sure you read all the reviews about the antenna you’re going to buy because that way you can find out if it is easy to set up.

  • Weight

Another strong point when considering a portable satellite system is the weight, you don’t want it to be too heavy or the word portable becomes meaningless. Something light is good because that way you don’t spend too much fuel carrying it and you can walk with it. Some are too light and when this happens you need to check if they have a container for sand or water, these containers solve the lightweight stability problems of any antenna and are handy because you fill them on the spot and you also easily empty them on the same place.

  • Size

Many shops claim to sell portable satellite systems but when you take a look at them you check that they’re huge. This is a common error of companies that try to sell something that isn’t portable for portable. When you buy a portable satellite system you want something that you can carry under you harm or with one hand, if it goes beyond this then it isn’t portable. For me the best ones are the ones that fold themselves into a case, these ones can be opened anywhere and closed for ease of transport.

  • Ease of use

When you buy equipment like this you don’t want equipment made for a scientist, you want something basic because basic is easy to use and lasts more. In this kind of equipment I would go for something really simple because that way it’s easier and faster to set up and that’s what you want when you are on the go.

  • Manual vs Automatic

Automatic is good and fast if you’re dealing with good equipment but it’s much more expensive. If you’re looking for something affordable you should go for manual because some good manual portable satellite antennas aren’t that hard to align with the satellite. Some automatic portable satellite systems are also crap to pick up the signal and if that’s the case you’re in for some nightmares because you pay a lot and you get something really crappy.

  • Signal

You want to make sure that your device picks up a strong signal from the satellite so that you may have a good image in your TV. Some portable satellite antennas give a really bad signal but if you go for good equipment then you’re lucky because it will deliver a top quality signal.

  • Conclusion

Be really careful when buying a portable satellite antenna because there’s a lot of not so good antennas and because you want something that really works. Read a lot of costumer reviews and read the technical details to be sure that you are making the right choice.

With these tips it’s going to be easy to choose a good one.

Remember that nothing beats having all the satellite channels on the go or while you camp with your caravan, motor home or truck.

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