Top 10 Tips for Protecting Your Laptop During Holiday

Are you planning a holiday trip or want to go to a business tour with your laptop? Wait a while and think carefully about how to protect your laptop during your vacation. At present holidays are not all about sun, sand fun and drinks due to the courtesy of the overactive cyber criminals.

Protecting Your Laptop

According to UK police they are using pop-up alerts delivered over hotel Wi-Fi to infect laptops with malware.  Except that one laptop is stolen every 53 seconds, says Gartner. At UK airports 12000 laptops are lost every week and 70% of it, which the airport employees return to the lost and find departments are never cultivated.

Every time we noticed a business traveler is in a hurry when getting on their flights and a majority of them thinks the delay is due to security check post which will miss their flights. The UK airport representatives report that the most common airport locations from where laptops are lost include security checkpoints. Hence it will be a better idea to travel with your insured laptop in order to avoid your headache and discomforts. You need find and consult with some insurance companies like Protect Your Bubble who provide insurance for your laptop computer.

To avoid laptop or data loss during your holiday season you may follow the following steps:

1. Before travelling back up all your data in a safe location. You also need to back up your data as often as possible to reduce the hazard of data loss in case the laptop is stolen.

2. To protect your laptop and valuable data use laptop recovery and data protection software.

3. Always keep the laptop with you all the times during the journey. Never put the laptop in your verified luggage. Apart from not having your valuable and expensive gear under your control, baggage handlers dont know what is in your bag. You run the risk of having your laptop broken or stolen in transit, says the Absolute Software report. Keep your laptop inconspicuous.

4. To distinguish your laptop from others at the security check points clearly label it. You should hold on your laptop until the last second when going through the metal detectors, the report advises

5. Put your laptop in the hotel safe when you are out for a trip or not using it

6. Never log on to any unsecured network while using your laptop in a hotel. Unsecured networks are a two-way street. While anyone can access the network, anyone on the network may be able to access your laptop, and subsequently your information. the Absolute Software report.

7. Never use online banking during a vacation. The clever cybercriminals are all around to grab your personal information at the first chance.

8. According to the report. If a thief gets a hold of your laptop, they will have the ability to easily steal your online (and possibly offline). So never save any password while travelling.

9. Regularly clear you cache and history in order to stay safe. Web browsers remember everything about your session even after youve logged off, states the Absolute Software report. Before ending an Internet session-particularly on a public laptop-clear the private data (cookies, history, and Internet files) stored in the browser. This can be accessed through the Tools menu on most Internet browsers.

10. If you are using somebody else’s laptop be sure that there are no keyboard loggers and trackers.

But we all know how busy and tensed we are on a business trip or how excited on a holiday tour. So it may be possible that any of these security alerts may slip from your mind. And this may cause any damages like data loss, password hacked, laptop stolen etc. In circumstances like these there are some insurance companies like Protect Your Bubble who provide insurance for your laptop computer.

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