The Two Most Important Tips for Making your Android Tablet Faster

Making Android Tablet FasterWhen it comes to Android tablet application development, it is important to make sure, as an app developer, that you create a program that will appeal to users and will function at its best on a tablet device. So many tablet users already go to great lengths to make certain their device is performing optimally, so it’s important for developers to design apps that are not only compatible with these mobile gadgets, but also won’t hinder their performance.

With that in mind, if you are the owner of an Android tablet, and you think your device could be running better than it is presently, the following are two of the best tips to help you boost the speed of your tablet.

  •  Use Task Manager – This is an important feature of your tablet. Via Task Manager, you can monitor the processes on your tablet and see what applications are running. Some apps run in the background all the time. Having too many apps running at once, will slow your device down. Disable the apps you aren’t using. This will help improve performance. If your tablet doesn’t have this feature, you can download Task Manager apps at the Google Play store.
  •  Remove unnecessary apps – This is one of the easiest ways to make your tablet a faster machine. Don’t junk up your device with applications you don’t need or you barely use. The more storage and memory you consume, the slower your tablet with run.

Additional tips for making your tablet faster include: empty your cache, turn off animations, remove live widgets, shut off live wallpapers, turn off GPS and Bluetooth, and use a startup cleaner.

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