Some Mistakes to Avoid in Website Navigation

All companies understand that website navigation impacts the overall success of the website. It affects the influx of traffic or search engine rankings. It also simultaneously affects conversation of prospect leads and user friendliness. Everything is connected to the navigation of the website, from the content to the URLs.

The following are some of common navigation mistakes that some companies make:

Non-standard style

All viewers expect to find a horizontal navigation across the top menu. The designers understand that navigation should be put in standard places where the visitors expect. Complicated navigational structure will affect the bounce rate by increasing it and thus affecting performance of your website; whereas, conventional and easy navigation will ensure more visitors and more page views.

Marketing a new website is all about differentiation. However, Calgary web development will agree that the navigation is not the place to do it. The objective is to ensure that people find the relevant content easily and can go around the website.

Using generic labels

The web design companies will agree that navigation should be descriptive. Terms like “products,” or “services” is common to all businesses and does not convey anything important to visitors. The irony lay in “what we say,” is not what we do. Save the visitors from harassments and make the navigation descriptive. The site communicates easily once the navigation appears.

The navigation gives a huge opportunity to prospect search engines. Since customers are not searching for products or services, the navigation with such terms do not rank in the search results. The idea is to use popular formats of labels that are further validated by Google Keyword Tool.

Using Drop down Menus

These are negative for two main reasons:

  • It is difficult for the search engines to crawl drop downs.
  • Secondly, drop downs are annoying. The irritating factor is because we move our eyes faster than the mouse. We move mouse to the place before clicking and drop downs cause a state of friction in our minds.
  • Drop downs enable the person to skip important pages. There are low visits on important page.

Exception: Drop down menus is really good in bigger websites. With such sites, it improves usability.

Too many things in the navigation bar

This is a mistake seen with most websites. Hundreds of links to the home page makes the website difficult. The fewer the menu items, the visitors will be less likely to move past the important items. Every time, an unimportant part is removed, the remaining items become more prominent.

Concise navigation is important for search engines. If there are more relevant links to the home page than the interior pages, the search engines will have more authority. It is more commonly known as the “link juice.”

Getting the order wrong in navigation

The most effective items are the ones that appear first. This is true in navigation also. The most important items should be placed at the beginning, least important ones in the middle. Contact is the last item to be included. It should be placed strategically at the far right corner in top-level navigation. Calgary web development reminds that these are links and never buttons.

It is important to remember that wrong website navigation is an expensive business mistake and should be avoided at all costs. Wrong navigation affects search results and user friendliness, driving away relevant users from the website.

Leigh, is an expert in web designing and developing job, writes various articles and blogs on his profession. He shares various ideas and necessary tips via his writings. In this article, he writes about the process of redesigning a website for the benefit of a business. In Calgary, web design service is quite reputed and hence, he asks his readers to take help from this place.

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