My 2016 SEO Plan

SEO PlanEvery year as part of my New Years Resolution, I try and make two different set of lists and goals for my small business. First, I create a general to do list, which ends up being entirely too long much of the time, but it gives me a nice set of creative ideas to work with. Secondly and perhaps more importantly depending on my audience, I try and make a set of SEO goals for the year.

Heres my list of SEO goals for 2016:

Utilize my blog more:

One thing I have learned about both the companies that we source products from, but just businesses in general as well, they love seeing nice things written about them. Ive used this to my advantage in places on my blog to earn a variety of nice looking links, but I want to do more of it and to earn even better links. Additionally, to this point Ive used the blog only as a blog. I havent done any Podcasting or any real video creation. I think the idea that you see at Moz every Friday with the Whiteboard and then the transcription of the video underneath, could be something that works incredibly well for my business.

Guest Blog Like It is a Job:

I think we all know two things about guest blogging at this point in time,. First, it is incredibly effective at moving rankings for keywords that you target. Second, the links are difficult at best to copy, even if they are coming from blogs which are available on public sources like the great My Blog Guest.

Use Samples and Give Aways to My Advantage:

Some of my best competitiors are sites which are owned and operated by affiliates. While I dont love paying commissions for gift orders, gaining ongoing full priced sales is well worth the effort. One of the main advantages that I have over these folks when it comes to SEO (outside of the obvious fact that I simply know more about wine than they do and I live this stuff every day) is that my small business can provides samples in return for links. That is a really powerful thing, as any Google search for my company name can tell you (results 6-30 are filled with samples and other review type setups of my company, largely from a set of wine gift baskets that I sent out to a group of bloggers). I am going to do more of this and wont be shy about it. If its a clear advantage, I plan on using it.

Utilize what else makes me different:

I should mention at some point, my small business is based in Berkeley. Yes, that Berkeley. Yes, were environmentally friendly and plan to buy carbon offsets for our shipments in the very near future. Were going to use that to our advantage by gaining links from both local companies interested in our positive business practices, but also from national environmental organizations who should want to help someone doing something as important as this.

By Mark Aselstine

Mark Aselstine is the owner of Uncorked Ventures a wine club based in Berkeley California. Yes, as an online business owner he cares deeply about SEO and how solid SEO plans can benefit his business over the long term.


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