How To Diversify Your SEO For Apps

The current digital era has led to an explosion of mobile phone and tablet apps. Majority of smart phones users now have multiple apps that they use daily. This has also meant a shift in where and how people search for new information or helpful products and services.

This change means that it is essential for your company to pay attention to how it could best use SEO to get the attention of the people when they are using apps.

Here is a quick look at how to best diversify your SEO for apps.

Why SEO for Apps Is Necessary

It is important to understand why it is essential for your business to pay attention to apps optimisation to guarantee that you see the benefits of changing your SEO strategy.

The truth is that mobile search is actually the most significant function in many smart phones. People search for information with their phones a lot more frequently than they make phone calls. This is down to the accessibility of a mobile phone.Since our mobile phone is with us almost everywhere, whenever an issue arises we tend to resort to searching for a solution on our phone. highlights the staggering fact that the top US apps are mainly search-based apps like Google Maps and Google Places. Even when the app isn’t directly search-based they are often very much search-oriented such as iTunes or various other apps.

Optimise Your Website

The use of keywords as part of your SEO in mobile and app content is pretty much the same as in your other online content, although it seems to be that people tend to search for much detailed and shorter descriptions online.

So to be sure your keywords are correct make sure you use an analytical tool for mobile searches.

The essential thing in making sure your website is viewable with a mobile phone is to do some basic website optimisation for mobile phones. The most important thing is that you ensure webpage download times are quick, since mobile phone connection are still somewhat slow in many cases.

You can also think about leaving JavaScript and Flash out of your website to guarantee the best website viewing experience on platforms that don’t support them.

Know The Big Players

You also need to make sure you optimise and use certain apps to guarantee you get the right exposure. The key is to keep your focus on Google, as it is still the dominant search engine on mobile phones, without completely forgetting the other search engines like Bing and Yahoo.

Google+ Local and Google Places are best for SEO and you should make sure your business utilises both of them. In mobile phone SEO it is especially important to pay attention to localisation, which is why it is a good idea to use specialised software from SEO companies like Bright Local to get to best outcome.

Don’t forget that there are also many social listing apps that people often tend to favour instead of Google’s apps to guarantee they get the best locally recommended businesses.

So make sure your business is also listed with listings such as Yelp and Foursquare for extra exposure.

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