Five Foremost WordPress Plugins That You Should Use

Five Foremost WordPress PluginsWordPress is undoubtedly the best blog hosting website being used today, as it provides excellent services to its users. Unfortunately for some WordPress users, they fail to take full advantage of this website, simply because they are not aware of all the amazing features that it has to offer. This is especially true in case of WordPress plugins.

What are plugins?

Plugins are a sort of web application that help you run your website in a very smooth and efficient manner. Have you ever felt like you could manage your website very easily if a few things could be automated? Well, plugins do just that: they automate your website in many ways otherwise unimaginable by anyone other than a web designer.

Plugins come in many shapes as well as sizes, so you may choose those that best suit the outlook of your website. However, that is not the finest way to go about designing your blog. The best way is to design your website in accordance with the shapes of the plugins you add to it, so that the plugins work great for your blog and also go well with its outlook. Aesthetics are important! So place the plugins on your blog first, and then design the rest of the blog accordingly.

Five best WordPress plugins

With over 24000 plugins to choose from, it is practically impossible for you to come across the best ones within a short period of time. Even after a thorough search, you might end up with low quality plugins that will not do you much good in the long run and all the hard work invested in designing your website around such plugins will go to waste; you will have to start from scratch. To avoid all this hassle, here is a list of five of the very best WordPress plugins that you should incorporate within your blog to ensure its sustainability in the long run:

1) Akismet: Akismet is basically WordPress’s spam catcher. An intricate feature of any blog is that it has a comments section; a section where your viewers are able to interact with you on given topics. This gives spammers, people who wish to market their own businesses for free on your popular blog, the chance to post on your comment section and lure people to their businesses. Spam messages make a bad impression, as they give people the sense of being in an unsecure environment, and getting rid of them should be a top priority. Akistmet does this for you automatically; all you have to do is activate it, and you are all set and protected from any spam messages coming your way.

2) Bullet-Proof Security: Anything on the internet is vulnerable to attacks from both hackers and viruses and it is therefore imperative that you protect your blog from such threats. The Bullet-Proof Security plugin on WordPress acts like an anti-virus, as it shields all the files of your blog found on WordPress servers from external threats which can cause harm.

3) All-In-One SEO: Regardless of why you create a blog, it will die very quickly if you don’t get people to visit it. Blogs are all about interaction, and for interaction you need thinking minds to visit your blog. All-In-one SEO plugin works to optimize your blog for search engines, by putting keywords in the title, description, and tags of each post on your blog. These keywords are caught by search engines and make your website appear on top for search engine users, who are then bound to visit your blog because of its visibility.

4) Video Sidebar: This widget eases the whole procedure of adding a video from an external source on to your blog. It is compatible with all major video sharing sites like Vimeo, Youtube etc. All you have to do after installing is to put the link of the video in it and you are good to go;

5) Cumulus Tagging Cloud: A blatant sign of a well designed website is ease of navigation. It is imperative that you make surfing your website as easy as possible for your visitors. Here the Cumulus tag cloud acts as a huge plus; it takes all the tags on your blog and revolves them in a 3D sphere shape of sorts, which the users may use to get to wherever they wish to go.

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