Crime And Social Media-The Status

There is solemn proof social media and technology as a whole is fully ingrained in the everyday lives of basically all individuals across the world, especially Americans who are under the age of forty. Scrolling through updates on Twitter and Facebook whether in class, at work, before they sleep or by the beach they post a lot as per their deductions on the day and what transpired, including outrageous posts to the most mundane.

Crime And Social MediaConfessing To Crimes

Across these social networking sites it is very easy to find friends confessing to all sorts of things; sleeping with their neighbors, drunk driving, stealing, property destruction, pilferage to abuses of different kinds. It is a world where a group of friends rapes a girl and posts the video of their crime on social media. In fact, a resident of South Florida recently posted on Facebook that he had murdered his wife, with the blood strewn body of the wife as one of the images on his timeline.

He even had the audacity to write that he would either be killed or spend all his life in prison for murdering his wife and saying to friends on Facebook they will definitely see him in the news. To make it even more bizarre a friend to his wife tagged the image of her dead friend for people to look at.

Social Media Obsessions

Obviously, most of us have been tagged with images and posts we hardly find cheerful or flattering and we were left wondering why family members and friends would do that. But, the reality is such weird habits and behaviors are an indication of how we have all become addicted and obsessed by technology, especially social media.

Easy Fame

The search for fame and popularity is definitely leading many to social media where each one of us becomes a celebrity, at least on our Timeline on Facebook. In the case of the South Carolina man who killed his wife and posted it on Facebook, it was found his wife did not actually drive him into insanity but was a man in search of attention, especially on the web where it could be found with ease. He had posted a YouTube video showing the small part he had played in the popular TV show, Burn Notice, as an extra but it was not the big break he was looking for.

Admiration Of Criminals

Many people might never be that extreme but a good number turn to social networking sites to confess their admiration, respect and love for such criminals and nut heads. The huge number of Twitter accounts and Facebook pages for those who have been incarcerated for terrorism, rape and murder in a case of hybristophilia is testament to this, where individuals are attracted to brutal and violent criminals sexually.

Crimes Social MediaPolice On Facebook

The law enforcement has also turned to social media to catch criminals and collect as much evidence as possible. Social media to the police is a place to find lots of images and videos including the use of advanced programs of social recognition to look for various people across the nation. However, the public is not really aware the authorities are watching the social media as a place where crime will first be reported before it gets to them. Riots are now easy to monitor as people post photos of themselves destroying property or holding illegal guns.

In short, the police, criminals and everyone else are on social media to stay.

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