Colleges That Business Students Need To Check Out

Every college has different set of opportunities, and many students wonder if they really chose the right school for their needs. If you are considering a degree in business, then there are a few colleges that are definitely better than others because they have high starting salaries, give you hands-on experience or they excel at teaching a certain subject. Consider one of these colleges for your business education.

Butler University

This college was founded in 1855, and students here will receive a wealth of practical experience before they graduate. While most colleges just encourage students to participate in internship programs, this college expects every student to complete two or more internships.

Not only that, but you will be assigned a career mentor who will help you find the right career. He or she will then assign you the best classes to develop your experience and education. In your first year, you’ll need to write a business plan. This plan will be used in the second year when you actually start a business.

Quinnipiac University

Many students are worried about attending college because they don’t want to invest thousands of dollars without receiving a job. While the job market hasn’t fully bounced back, this college will definitely improve your odds of finding a job.

About 98 percent of graduates have a job offer when they get their degree. The other two percent will often find a job within a few months without much difficulty.

Bentley University

This college has that rare mix of high starting salaries and job placement percentages. Over 95 percent of students will be offered a job when they graduate, and the starting salary is typically around $75,000.

The only problem with this school is that it’s fairly exclusive, so be prepared to show your worth when applying.

City University NY

This business college excels at teaching students how to become entrepreneurs. While some students will work for traditional employers, most will start their own businesses. This college originally started as a small business lab, and the faculty has many years of experience when it comes to starting and selling small businesses.

If you want to live the entrepreneurial lifestyle, then this is the best college for your needs.

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