Building A Successful SEO Strategy For Your Law Firm

Running a successful SEO strategy requires a shift in thinking as to how SEO is being done today. Just a few years ago youd be able to blast your way to the top of the rankings without providing nay value, however, this has all changed.

SEO Strategy For Law Firm

Developing an SEO strategy for 2015 and beyond requires a different strategy, one that requires more long-term thinking and an orientation towards providing value to your readers.

In this article were going to cover what you need to do in order to build a successful SEO strategy for your law firm.

Create shareable content

The cornerstone of any SEO strategy is creating amazing content. The better your content the more likely people are to share that content, which will not only increase your readership, but increase your rankings in Google as well.

Make sure every piece of content you write is focused on providing value to your readers. If you do this with everything you write youll have no problem attracting a following.

Use great keywords

Youll want to have a few keywords that youre including in each post and are targeted towards the clients you want to be working with, for instance personal injury lawyer Vancouver, or drug defense lawyer Minneapolis. You dont want to over optimize your website or your content with these keywords, however it is important to include them from time to time.

Utilize social media platforms

Think of your varying social media accounts as outposts to share your content. These wont be the main places youre broadcasting from, however they might bring more visitors back to your website. As Google continues to update their algorithms social sharing is going to continue to play a larger role. By establishing a presence right now you wont need to play catch up in the future.

So, focus on a few social media accounts, build a following, and share your content.

Create partnerships

A great way to build backlinks and network within your niche is to guest post on a wide variety of blogs. The higher authority these blogs the more theyll help your ranking grow. These relationships will help to grow your authority within the legs niche as well as help your site move up in the rankings, its a win-win.

Get set up in local directories

If youre a local law firm youll want to make sure you have your website listed in all the legal directories possible, as well as any other local business directories in your area. This will help your site achieve rankings for locally based keywords.

I hope this article has been effective and you have a better understanding at how you can use SEO from this point forward to grow your rankings and your client list. SEO today is a very ing term strategy and focuses in proving value to your readers and the web as a whole, the more you are contributing to this ecosystem, to more your site will rise and become an authority in the legal niche.

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