5 Design Podcasts To Stimulate Your Creative Side

PodcastsPodcasts are a great way to stay in touch with what’s happening in the world of design. There are plenty of podcasts to choose from, too, each offering opinions, insights and useful tips that designers use for inspiration. And with any smartphone or tablet in your bag, you can tap into a rich seam of knowledge from prominent voices in the world of design.

These design podcasts can transform a long and unproductive commute to work into useful and educational time well spent on sparking creativity.

Here are 5 podcasts to help stimulate your creative side.

1. Design Matters

Design Matters is a regular podcast by Debbie Millman, the president of the Stirling Brands design department and a contributor to Print Magazine. She has been hosting the Design Matters podcast since 2005.

Design Matters is a thought provoking discussion on design and profiles renowned designers, writers, artists and more. Since 2009, Design Matters has been published on Design Observer, where you can access the full historic archive of shows.

2. The Big Web Show

Jeffrey Zeldman is a well known designer and founder of Happy Cog. He was the first designer inducted into the SXSW interactive hall of fame. Jeffrey hosts The Big Web Show, an award winning podcast which discusses topics such as web publishing, art direction and content strategy, and has regular guests to contribute.

The show is great for all things to do with web design and an essential listen for anyone working in design or preparing to apply for their next design job.

3. Go Media

Go Media is a top design company based in Ohio in the US. It has made a success out of invigorating a range of brands with fresh design ideas. In the past, the company has provided services for companies like Pepsi, Sony Music and The Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame.

The Go Media podcast is hosted by Jeff Finley and Bill Beachy, the owners of the company. In the show, they discuss a range of topics surrounding the business of design and how to improve the quality of your commercial design work. This podcast is great for any designer looking to start their own business enterprise in design.


Typeradio is a regular podcast dedicated to typography and design. The show has been running since 2004, featuring interviews, events coverage, workshops and more.

This show provides useful insights into the world of type and how it is used in design. It tagline is simple: “Type is speech on paper. Typeradio is speech on type.”

The Industry Radio Show

The Industry Radio Show was started to highlight the work done by design focused startups and design focused people. The podcast acts as an independent news organisation to give the design community a voice in the high tech world and provide a valuable service. A group of designers collaborate to produce the content for the show and try to highlight the work done by designers who are often overlooked by the mainstream media.

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Design podcasts are a great tool for people working in the modern design industry. Whether you are looking for a discussion on general or specific topics, they can provide useful insights to help stimulate your creativity.

By Sam Wright

Sam Wright is a podcast enthusiast and writer working with Brand Republic.

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